Merchant's mission is about “treating each other and ourselves well,” and never before has this been more important than during the current COVID-19 crisis.  Merchant has completely changed the way we do business to comply with the highest standards of health, safety, and well-being for us and our guests.  Through a comprehensive redesign, we believe we continue to provide not only comfort and deliciousness out of our kitchen and bar, but provide a fun, warm, safe, and relaxed atmosphere for us and our guests.

Our Safety Protocols

1. We will conduct comprehensive COVID-19 training so all understand how Covid-19 is spread and our policies, procedures and actions are informed
2. We will assign a workplace Covid-19 coordinator for each shift
3. We will enforce the following general policies and procedures consistently and equitably

  • We will not work if feeling ill, have Covid-19, or are Covid-19-positive but asymptomatic.

  • We will wear a face covering at all times, and not touch our eyes, mouth, or nose

  • We will keep physically distant (6) feet apart as much as possible

  • We will learn how to wash and sanitize hands correctly, and do it often

  • We will clean and disinfect surfaces and objects

  • We will cover coughs and sneezes

  • We will maintain proper organization in our facility to ensure social distancing including safe deliveries from our suppliers

4. We will screen workers on arrival for fever, symptoms of Covid-19, and exposure to Covid-19 and send home if ill.
5. We will structure our workplace design and operations for physical distancing wherever possible including: proper no-touch
waste receptacles, sta leaving personal items in a designated area and proper signage.
6. We will designate roles and responsibilities so that we do not cross-contaminate dirty dishes and surfaces. For example, runners will run clean plates, bussers will collect dirties and sanitize tables so they are ready for service. Servers will focus solely on guest experience and safety.
7. We will place fully stocked handwashing or hand-sanitizing stations everywhere.
8. We will frequently clean and sanitize or disinfect commonly touched surfaces and objects (and floors).
9. We will maintain ventilation, dishwashing, and plumbing systems and clean or replace ventilation filters. We have invested, with our Landlord ULI, in a new state of the art HVAC ventilation system to reduce airborne illness
10. We will constantly reinforce policies and procedures with signage and pre-shift briefings.

Merchant Guest Safety Protocols

1. All guests on our waitlist will be spaced (6) feet apart. We are instituting a mobile online waitlist.

2. We take temperatures of all guests upon arrival
3. Our restaurant is redesigned with tables spaced at least six (6) feet apart. We will limit each table to a maximum of six (6) guests who are members of the same household or living unit.
4. Our bar is now tableside as well. We have put in new bar tables (6) feet apart and will order drinks at the bar. Our bartender is your server!

5. Masks are required for entry.  We can provide one to you if needed!