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Merchant's dining room is a space where contemporary design meets comfort, creating an inviting backdrop for various large parties. With its modern industrial vibe, the room features exposed ductwork and a high ceiling, adding an open and airy feel. Large windows allow natural light to cascade in, enhancing the warmth of the wooden tables and the rich tones of the leather banquettes. At night, the lighting is a mix of pendant lamps with a vintage flair and soft candlelight on the tables. This blend of elements makes the space versatile — equally suitable for a business happy hour or an intimate rehearsal dinner. The seating is diverse, from booths lined with plush, green velvet for comfort and privacy to wooden chairs that can be easily rearranged to accommodate groups of varying sizes. For a small meeting or business gathering, the atmosphere strikes the right balance between relaxed and professional. For wedding parties and social events, the space offers a sophisticated canvas that can be personalized with minimal decor additions.  All is offered cocktail-style or family-style for large parties from 15-150+ guests.

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